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Discover what people think of your website design, do they love it or do they leave it?

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what people think of your website

You do not need to be a user design expert to know how people feel about your website, do they love it?

If you are feeling curious, all you need to do is keep reading.  We will walk you through the UX experience and show you how websites are just like restaurants!

Have you ever gone inside a restaurant to eat and felt disappointed because it looked untidy and didn’t meet your expectations? I have, and I’ve turned back and exited it in less than 30 seconds.

Well, website aren’t much different from restaurants. Did you know most customers decide if they like a website in less than 10 seconds? 

So, what do people think about your business based on your website? And is your website affecting your brand?


Street Food Business
(You don't have a website)

The only thing worse than having a horrible website is not having one! 

Small business owners think often they do not need a website because their business is too small. and the most common reason for not having a website is the cost of it.

However, what do customers think? Customers usually search on google before buying from a business. Furthermore, they learn and compare brands on internet. And most customers express that a business without a website seems less professional than companies that do have one.

Customers may even love your products, but they won’t pay as much for them  if they buy them through other means and not through your website.

Why? Well it is like street food. It may be delicious, but there is no restaurant, so customers think they do not have to pay as much. 

don't have a website

One good reason for having your website is that with a more professional image you could charge more for you products and services. 

So, if you do not have a website, add it to your to-do list. Plus, creating a website has never been cheaper, and there are many reasons why you need a web site!

The outdated restaurant! (Your website is outdated!)

website is outdated

If you are a loyal customer, you always come back because you love the food!

But what happens if you are a new customer? Well, imagine you enter a restaurant and discover it looks outdated. You are probably going to be turned off and leave without buying anything. 

A study shows that 81% of people think less of a business if the website is outdated, so be careful with this one.

Technology and styles change and your brand needs to look fresh and attractive all the time! 

Web design itself has changed so it delivers a better user experience, and a better user experience is a key link to more leads and sales.


The Big menu restaurant! (Your website is too busy)

Do you remember that restaurant with 60 different menu options? When you  read the menu, it feels difficult to figure out what you want. 

This is a common problem in old websites.  Too many choices can lead to frustration and confusion. Acquiring new customers with a busy website can be difficult. 

Remember, customers, don’t have the time to understand your website.

website is too busy

The Bad service restaurant (Your website is too slow)

website is too slow

Nothing worse than waiting ages for your food. It always gets to my nerves when it takes too long to get my order ready. Is your website too slow? 

A website should load in less than 3 seconds if your website does not load in that time frame, your customers may think your website is dodgy and leave. 

There is a study that shows you can increase your conversion rate up to 20% just  by increasing your website speed. 

The 5 Micheline Star restaurant (Well designed & optimized website)

The service is fast, it looks clean and tidy, and the options are clear and well defined. So, it’s easy to choose what you want. If you are part of this exclusive group, congratulations! If not, work on fixing these issues, after all no one comes back to a bad restaurant!



Well designed & optimized website
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