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G o o g l e Ads Management

Secure targeted reach and exceptional outcomes for your business through our Google Ads campaigns. Revolutionise your Google Ads strategy with our refined campaigns, propelling you ahead of the competition.

Google Ads Management

At RankMyWeb, we're dedicated to unlocking your business's full potential through adept ad management channel selection, ensuring high conversion rates. Achieve enhanced ROI with our Google Ads campaigns spanning Search, Shopping, and the Display Network.

Search Ad

At RankMyWeb, our Search Ad service is meticulously designed to maximise your business's online visibility. With tailored strategies and precise targeting, we ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right moment, driving high conversion rates and elevating your ROI

Display Network

Our strategic approach places your ads across a wide range of websites, captivating your audience with eye-catching visuals. Benefit from increased brand recognition and expand your reach, all while enjoying superior ROI.

Shopping Campaigns

Our expertly managed campaigns place your products in front of eager shoppers, driving targeted traffic and boosting sales. Witness a surge in ROI as your products gain prominence in online searches.


Through strategically placed ads, we'll remind them of their interest, enticing them to return and complete their conversion journey. Maximize your ROI by nurturing these warm leads and converting them into loyal customers

Video Ad

Our experts harness the potential of stock videos, transforming them into attention-grabbing campaigns. These videos convey your message effectively across platforms like YouTube and social media, reeling in your audience and boosting conversions. Experience the power of enhanced visuals in driving your marketing success and ROI.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Ad Budget Experience

The Power of Well-Managed Google Ads Campaigns

Are your Google Ads falling flat? You're not alone. Many find themselves perplexed by underperforming campaigns, draining their budget without reaping the rewards. The secret lies in the setup and execution.

Picture this: a harmonious blend of strategy and execution. That's what it takes to make Google Ads a game-changer for your business. Armed with  knowledge of Google's tools, insider tricks, and advanced analytics.

Let's be clear – success in Google Ads is within reach. With a tailored strategy for your business, website, and goals, you'll witness sales soar, CPA decrease, and ROI become more than just an acronym. It's time to harness the prowess of Google Ads, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Why is a good idea to hire a digital marketing agency?

Save money: To deliver effective marketing, you need an interdisciplinary team of graphic designers, developers, marketers and writers that combine their skills to obtain incredible results. However, having a team with all the necessary skills is too expensive to pay for unless you are a big business. 

Furthermore, having such a team in an SME is a waste of money because there is not enough workload to keep them busy. When you hire an agency you have access to all these resources for a fraction of the price and the certainty of knowing they have the expertise your business requires.

Why RankMyWeb

We set up campaigns designed to be profitable. We estimate the impact of your campaign and advise you changes need it before running campaigns.

Most campaigns fail because websites are not optimised for conversions. We help you to identify hurdles and  set you up to succeed.

We help you to decrease the cost of your campaign as much as possible. 

Some Clear and Concise Explanations

Get excellent results from day one! Our consultants manage and optimise your search campaigns to provide you with the best possible results.

The way users search for services have evolved. Not long ago if you needed something, your first instinct was to ask a friend. Now, if you want something, you go to google and search for it. For example:

  • Doctor near me
  • Thai Food near me
  • What to do in Sydney

People ask for all sorts of stuff on google, and sometimes the answer is an AD from google search campaigns. In summary, search campaigns are ADS that are triggered by the queries people write on google.

Search campaigns are one of our favorite types of campaigns. Why? because people are specifically searching for a product or service. For example when someone introduce the query “practice near me” they are searching for a doctor near to them and are more likely to become customers.

Search campaigns optimized for the right keywords are highly effective.

When you advertise using google AdWords you are showcasing your brand to people in the right mindset(buying). Therefore, if you website is optimized you are likely to see results straight away. 

Your agency or PPC analyst choose a set of keywords based in your industry. Those keywords are set up to trigger an AD displaying your business information. The set up includes the maximum value you agree to pay per click  and the landing page the customer is directed when clicking. 

Once a person type in the keywords, Google runs sophisticated algorithms to choose which ADS show. ADS are chosen according to Bid (Price per Click), Landing Page Quality (Quality score  of the landing page), and relevance.

The most common reasons for campaigns to fail are: 

  • Too Broad key words.
  • Lack of use of negative keywords.
  • Poor landing page experience.

We can help you to avoid common hurdles like poor optimized landing pages. poor key word selection and mistakes in the attribution selection and conversion set up.

Google Search ADS

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Google Display

Google ADS Display Campaigns

While search campaigns target people who are searching for a particular product or service , display campaigns  are designed to improve your brand visibility and retargeting potential customers.

We use internet in different ways, some times we are reading the news, looking into a hobby we have or just surfing on the net for fun. When we are doing these activities, we may see images that are not related to the content we are consuming. For example, images of clothing, jewelry, flights or other products and services, those images are Display ADS and when you click on them you will be redirected to a business website.

In summary, display ADS are ADS that are activated by previous queries, website visits and  personal interests. They are particularly effective to improve your brand awareness and retarget people who has shown interest in your products or services.

Display campaigns are great to raise awareness and retarget customers.  This type of ADS can help you to recover abandon  cars and potential customers interest.

Your agency or PPC analyst choose a set of placements based in customers interests and previous searches.

When a person visit a website  that is part of the network Google choose the best ads to display based in the Bid and customer profiles

Each time an ads is shown your business pay a price. This is also knows as cost per impresion.

When an agency propose you an strategy to advertise you need to identify if the Goals of the campaign are align with your business goals.

Display campaigns should be used to do branding and retargeting. Therefore, they do not fail as long as they are used for this purposes. 

If you feel this type of campaign has failed is because you analyst or agency promise you results in the short term, when this type of campaign is a long term solution.

We can help you to choose the best strategy for your business and minimize the cost of your campaigns.

Google Shopping

Google has the capacity to identify when want to buy specific products. For example, lets say you search for “Sofa Bed”, you probably will see a carrousel displaying different Sofa beds from different brands. 

In summary, Google Shopping campaigns, are ADS triggered when google identifies we are interested in buying a product. They are best for retailers.   

  • They are good for e-commerce to display products.
  • This campaigns are very profitable as the customer is ready to buy. 

We can help you to choose the best strategy for your business and minimize the cost of your campaigns.

Shopping ADS
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