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Why Is Important to do an SEO Audit

Who is this post for: small business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in learning how to run a SEO Audit, SEO Packages, and SEO Audit Prices

Why is important to do an SEO audit?

So you have been listening and reading about the befits of SEO, you have made up your mind and you are looking for a consultant to help you out.

Let me ask you a question? How a dentist would charge you the fair price for your treatment without knowing what are you are suffering from? The treatment for each problem is different, so is the price.

If a company or a consultant do not run a deep SEO Audit  and is offering you services, run away, probability wise you are goin to waste your money.

Check what types of SEO Audit consultants and companies offer you, they should be Affordable or Free.  After you have enough information you can hire.

SEO is very extensive, and every website has different needs and priorities.  A deep SEO Audit let you know what needs to be done, the priority of each task and what should be the outcome for each task.

Some SEO tasks are easy to do, and do not require a deep knowledge. For example SEO on page. If you do not have a big budget, you can choose to do some of the tasks on your own.

Even if you have a big budget, knowing what needs to be done, empower you and allow you to measure your consultant performance.


Know step by step what activities you need to get done to increase your traffic and visibility.

What is included in a deep SEO audit

  • Website performance: Authority, Organic Search Traffic, Main Key words.
  • Site Health:  Back links, Errors, Warnings, Website Speed, Website indexation and Crawling.

Key word optimization status, Page Index and Traffic, Page speed, Page Links, Page readability.

An SEO audit must be actionable, as a business owner, Marketing manager, or entrepreneur you need to know what is the next step to improve your chances.

It depends on the company, making Key word strategy takes time, because you need to understand how are you going to rank for each key word to be able to deliver results.

We have packages that include SEO Audit and Key word strategy


How much does an SEO audit cost?

From free to thousands of dollars.

A consultant will use a free tool such as SEMrush or Href and will scan your website for free. Consultants and digital marketing agencies use this strategy as a bait.

You can do it your self is not difficult at all, and won’t take you more than 5 minutes. just read our complete guide about how to quickly discover the general state of your website.

An expert will run various test on your website and will give you a simple but actionable plan.

You can check our Affordable SEO Audit, It includes: general information about your website performance and up to 10 pages of SEO-on page, complete report and actionable plan to start.


Website General performance, Technical Issues , SEO on page,  keyword strategy and actionable plan.

We also offered this package, we include all the basic information + a Key word strategy to rank you.

Why an strategy is important? When you do key word research you will find hundred or thousand of key words. Can you rank for all of them? NO.

For example, if you are competing with Amazon for a Key word, that battled is lost.




An specialist will focus in every detail of your website, and give you a comprehensive action plan. this service is targeted to big companies with big websites.

How long does an SEO audit take?

An SEO audit should not take longer than two weeks for most websites.

Are you looking for SEO Audit packages?

We have you covered!

Johanna Torres

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