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Get to Know Secura Bags

Secura bags is a website that almost no one visited. It was buried in the search engine, therefore it was missing the possibility of acquiring new customers from google.

Our mission was to take secura Bags from the bottom of the rankings and position it on the first page of google, so it could increase visibility. (This is known as SEO)

Secura bags is a website dedicated to secure document destruction, a very niche industry. There are not many people searching for these types of services.

Secura Bags Focus was SEO on Page and Blog development. The link acquisition was natural due to the content created.

When we started working on Secura Bags' website, only 89 people visited the site from January to June. Currently, and thanks to our help, Secura Bags is positioned on the first page of google(organically) and more than 5.000 people have visited Secura Bags.

We were able to increase secura Bags organic traffic by 6480%.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Make website changes to offer a better customer experience and increase rankings in Google, Binge and other search engines.

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Get to Know MelbourneShred

Melbourneshred was a special project for RankMyWeb because we created this website from scratch. Like any other newborn website, it didn't have any traffic at all. Our mission was to work on Melbourneshred's website SEO to bring organic traffic to the page and enable the business to acquire new customers through search engines.

The most challenging part of creating a new website is not creating the website, but driving steady qualified traffic to the page that generates conversions. Thanks to Rankmyweb Melbourneshred's website traffic went from null to 2462 users (Comparision period over a period).

To achieve these results, we focused on using the words people use to search for these services in Melbourne. "Key Word Research" and content creation. We also learn about Theo St James shredding business. Learning about how a business works is a key part of any marketing activity.

Most people search for services using Google!

You can earn steady free traffic from search engines 

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