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Google ADS Results

Learn how we have helped small businesses like yours to make the most of their advertisement!

Sales increased by 50%

With an average investment of $1200 per month, Sydney shred return of investment its 1000%

Google ADS

Get to Know SydneyShred

SydneyShred is a document shredding company located in Sydney. When we started working in Sydney Document Shredding Services the goal was to increase sales.

We decided the best way to do that for the business was to implement google ADS and we were right!

We increased sales by 19% in the first month of the campaign.

The best part was that the total investment on Google ADS for that first month was only $200, and the return on the investment was 1770%.

We continue working on this campaign until today, with great results!

We have increased Sydney's monthly sales by 50%.

Average ADS spending $1300 per month. Average monthly return of investment of 1000%

So, in our experience, Google ADS does work! They can produce results since day number one of a campaign. But, the analyst needs to keep tracking and twisting to obtain the best possible results. Also, the analyst needs to understand the website conversion rate before activating a campaign.

The top 3 Google search results get 54.4% of all clicks

Using ads you can put your brand in front of people searching for your products and increase not only your visibility but also your sales 

Google ADS

How we did it!

We identified the opportunity as the conversion rate of the website was already High.

Not all websites benefit the same from a campaign. therefore is important to analyze the specific website, and make the necessary changes before committing to a campaign.

From the beginning, we established the Goal was conversions. Therefore, we define that as a primary goal in the campaign and we set up the value of the conversions.

To prevent wasting money, we followed the sales and the cost of the campaign very closely.

Any business can benefit from Google ADS to increase their exposure and visibility, however, to prevent waste of money is better to have a specialist working on it.

SydneyShred Google Successful story

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